Struggling with PBL Content?

I frequently receive questions about how to embed content into a PBL experience. What I typically see happen falls into one of two categories. On the one hand, it seems that often the project overtakes the curriculum and the focus on the learning standards is lost. Sure, the skills for collaboration and communication are heavy […]

Moving Beyond Tinkering

I’ve been bothered by several educational buzzwords for a while now. In fact, it was nearly six months ago that I tweeted (@daylynn), “We need to stop talking about engagement, grit, and tinkering and start talking about empowerment, ownership, and designer.” As the new school year is fully underway, I’ve seen these words once again […]

Authentic Learning Experiences at the University Level

Often I’m asked whether or not authentic learning experiences are preparing our students for college. The question is never whether or not we are preparing our students for career readiness and the world beyond school. Obviously, authentic learning experiences are designed with that in mind. However, it is frequently considered by high school educators, (most […]

The Top Ten Ways to Fake an Authentic Classroom

The word authenticity is used frequently in today’s 21st century eduspeak with self-proclaimed gurus, ninjas, and experts. Thus, we must be careful as to whose advice we follow. Since I wrote a book on authentic learning experiences, I would certainly consider myself as an authenticity expert. However, for years, I wrongly thought I provided my […]

How Project-Based Learning Can Support Standardized Testing

Today, I’m ready to celebrate! It is Friday and the standardized testing season, for my fourth grade daughter, is officially over. A few weeks ago, we finished the math, reading, and writing portions of the PSSAs (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment). Now, science is behind us and I won’t have to hear about the PSSAs […]

Is Your Project Just a Research Paper in Disguise?

In keeping with the theme from my last post on the 30 second PSA as a final product, I thought I would tackle another subset of PBL products: the faux creation. When I coach teachers who are designing their first authentic PBL experiences, I tell them to ask the question, “Is my required product simply […]

Why a Public Service Announcement May Not Be the Best PBL Product

Often, when I work with teachers, I find them resorting to requiring a Public Service Announcement as a final product for the project. Immediately, a red flag goes up on my radar. While a PSA may be one of several final products, only requiring a PSA leaves a lot of open holes when it comes […]

Authentic Learning: A Response to Comments and Winners Announced!

Thank you to those of you who entered the book giveaway. Barbara and Mike can expect their copies to arrive soon. For those of you that didn’t win or didn’t enter this time, stay tuned for another giveaway in the future or check out the book on Amazon! There were some fabulous comments relating to […]

Celebrating My New Blog: A Book Giveaway!

I’ve blogged over the years for a variety of organizations and colleagues. However, I’ve never committed to a full-time blog of my own. Lately, I’ve found myself tweeting an assortment of one liners that I’ve thought I should turn into full length blog posts. So, I decided to take the plunge! I’ve officially become a […]

Let’s Shift The Conversation Away From Failure

There has been a lot of talk in the education world about allowing students to fail. I’ve seen quotes about “failing forward” and “fail stands for first attempt in learning.” While, I am certain that those that espouse failure are doing so in order to teach students to not give up, I would like to […]