New Book = Giveaway!

It is finally here! After a long journey of collaborative writing, Jill and I finally have our personal copies in our hands. We spent a long time perfecting this book with our newly released 5 Stages to Finding a Solution. While this first book took the PreK-3 focus, we are actively working on the 4-8, […]

The Value of True Feedback

I have preached for years on the value of feedback as I have worked with teachers to deepen their practice on authentic learning experiences, project-based learning, inquiry learning, design thinking, and other similar pedagogical approaches. However, it wasn’t until just recently that I experienced the value of true feedback. You see, I recently became a […]

Develop Natural Curiosity, Don’t Squash It!

One of the best parts about the work that I do, is my schedule allows me to spend time in the classrooms of my own children. Today was one of those days. I eagerly volunteered to help with the PTO sponsored Artist in Residence program and arrived only to have my hopes of artistic splendor […]

5 Reasons Why Awareness Campaigns Aren’t Enough

In the last week, I been able to visit a few schools and have read a few articles highlighting projects that attempted to raise awareness about a particular social justice issue. While the teachers behind these projects designed them with good intentions, I offer that simply raising awareness isn’t enough. As you review projects of […]

The Problem with Rubrics in Project Based Learning

I am a big fan of rubrics. However, rubrics well crafted and “rubrics” for the sake of rubrics are two totally different categories. In fact, I’ve come to believe that some teachers simply pass out a rubric because they have been compelled that this is simply protocol. The picture included with this post is a […]

What the Hour of Code Can Teach Us

Few people know that I originally began my collegiate years with a minor in computer science. It was the early 90s and it seemed like a good idea to jump on board with a potential career that was up and coming. If the teaching thing didn’t work out, I’d have something to fall back on. […]

PBL and Equity

Last week, while in the Bay Area, I spent an amazing two days with Dr. Juan Carlos Arauz of E3: Education, Excellence, and Equity. Juan Carlos and I have been friends for a number of years, but this is the first opportunity that I had to hear him speak in a setting where I was […]

Why we should do away with Back to School night

Last evening, I suffered through an hour and a half of a Back to School night for my 6th grade daughter. It is bad enough that the building is not air-conditioned and yesterday hit temps in the 90s, but the presentations were what made it almost unbearable. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there and […]

Another way to look at formative assessment: Newsmap

This morning, I awoke to a tweet from Vicki Davis/@coolcatteacher: “A faster way to read the news: Newsmap.” It caught my sleepy attention, because I had, for years, used Newsmap in the classroom. Vicki linked to her quick blog on the way that Newsmap works. (Read it to find out more about Newsmap.) While, I […]