Authentic Learning Experiences: A Real World Approach to Project Based Learning

Authentic Learning Experiences

Learn how to implement a real-world approach to project-based learning. Authentic learning experiences are created around genuine, outside audiences and meaningful purposes. They meet the Common Core, engage students in critical thinking and 21st Century learning, teach important skills such as research and collaboration, and improve student learning. This practical guide provides step-by-step instructions to make it easy for teachers to create their own authentic learning experiences. The book is loaded with a variety of examples from different grade levels and content areas. It also includes quick to implement “checks for understanding” as the reader progresses through the book.

User Reviews:

“One of the common shortcomings of project-based learning is the lack of authenticity in the student work. Dayna Laur does a great job here in not only explaining the nuts and bolts of how to increase authenticity but also provides great examples from the field in a way that almost makes you feel like she's sitting with you.”

“Dayna Laur shows great insight into the what and value of authentic learning experiences. The extensive detail will enable veteran and new teachers to effectively develop and implement learning experiences that will help students put academic skills and concepts into a context that makes sense to them in the world beyond the classroom. Dayna's experience shines through as someone speaking from practice not just theory.”

"With Authentic Learning Experiences, Dayna Laur has outlined a realistic model for creating dynamic classrooms that will prepare students with the skills, critical thinking and problem solving that will prepare them for their lives. Use this book to experiment and connect with other teachers to transform your classrooms." 

Instant Edmodo How-To

Instant Edmodo How-to

Implement a learning management system into your classroom environment seamlessly and empower students to take part in their own learning through Edmodo. This is a short, focused guide that delivers immediate results. Learn the tips and tricks to successfully use all of the features of Edmodo.

User Review:

“As a long time fan of online learning and online personal learning networks, I was eager to read "Instant Edmodo." The book didn't disappoint. In 15 minutes I was following along with the step-by-step instructions and well on my way to setting up not only a classroom, but an entire collaborative social environment of my choosing.”


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