The Value of True Feedback

I have preached for years on the value of feedback as I have worked with teachers to deepen their practice on authentic learning experiences, project-based learning, inquiry learning, design thinking, and other similar pedagogical approaches. However, it wasn’t until just recently that I experienced the value of true feedback. You see, I recently became a […]

3 Reasons Why Accepting Late Work should be a Thing of the Past

This morning I received an email reminder about my daughter’s upcoming 6th grade science test. The test is this Tuesday and the teacher wanted parents to ensure their kiddos spent time studying their anticipation guide this weekend. (Anticipation Guide = all of the questions that are on the test = worthy of its own post, […]

The Problem with Rubrics in Project Based Learning

I am a big fan of rubrics. However, rubrics well crafted and “rubrics” for the sake of rubrics are two totally different categories. In fact, I’ve come to believe that some teachers simply pass out a rubric because they have been compelled that this is simply protocol. The picture included with this post is a […]

Another way to look at formative assessment: Newsmap

This morning, I awoke to a tweet from Vicki Davis/@coolcatteacher: “A faster way to read the news: Newsmap.” It caught my sleepy attention, because I had, for years, used Newsmap in the classroom. Vicki linked to her quick blog on the way that Newsmap works. (Read it to find out more about Newsmap.) While, I […]

What the Little League World Series Can Teach Us in the Classroom

If you didn’t follow this month’s Little League World Series, you missed out on some amazing baseball and really great kids. I live in Lewisberry, PA. We are located approximately 100 miles from Williamsport, PA, the home to the Little League World Series. The close proximity makes it a given that I will pay attention […]

My New Video – Teaching Fundamentals: Project Based Learning

It has been months in the making. It involved outlines, script writing, read throughs with my producer, and a very chilly day in the studio, but it is finally finished! Take a look at the content and let me know what you think. It was a great experience, learning all of the behind the scenes […]

The Importance of Learner and Educator Reflection

I talk a lot about the need for learners to reflect when involved in the process of, well, learning. Whether it is a more traditional assignment or a more extensive authentic learning experience, reflection is a tool for growth. A once and done approach only serves to penalize learners for, in my opinion, points in […]

Spider Web Discussions as a Formative Assessment

Several years ago, I began implementing more classroom opportunities for my students to practice their verbal communication skills. Having access to unlimited technology had allowed me to support their online and written communication skills, but I still saw a lack of both oral and listening skills on the part of my juniors and seniors. There […]

Education and “The Voice”: What’s the Connection?

I have a secret. I like a dose of reality television every once in a while. Not the “Real Housewives” or “Jersey Shore” kind of reality television, but for some reason, for the first time ever, I got sucked into watching “The Voice.” Really, it was a toss up between that and “Dancing with the […]

How Project-Based Learning Can Support Standardized Testing

Today, I’m ready to celebrate! It is Friday and the standardized testing season, for my fourth grade daughter, is officially over. A few weeks ago, we finished the math, reading, and writing portions of the PSSAs (Pennsylvania System of School Assessment). Now, science is behind us and I won’t have to hear about the PSSAs […]