New Book = Giveaway!

It is finally here! After a long journey of collaborative writing, Jill and I finally have our personal copies in our hands. We spent a long time perfecting this book with our newly released 5 Stages to Finding a Solution. While this first book took the PreK-3 focus, we are actively working on the 4-8, […]

Develop Natural Curiosity, Don’t Squash It!

One of the best parts about the work that I do, is my schedule allows me to spend time in the classrooms of my own children. Today was one of those days. I eagerly volunteered to help with the PTO sponsored Artist in Residence program and arrived only to have my hopes of artistic splendor […]

Learners versus Students

I have recently made a very conscious decision in my use of words. I have chosen to no longer use the word “student” when referring to those that I have had the privilege to have in my classroom or to those that other educators have had the privilege of guiding. The decision was more or […]

Let’s Move Past the Era of Worksheets!

I recently cleaned out my 5th grade daughter’s backpack to find a plethora of crumpled up worksheets. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I was shocked. In fact, earlier in the week, I reviewed my first grade daughter’s gifted homework that consisted of a packet of worksheets related to a fifth grade level book she is […]

Authentic Learning Experiences at the University Level

Often I’m asked whether or not authentic learning experiences are preparing our students for college. The question is never whether or not we are preparing our students for career readiness and the world beyond school. Obviously, authentic learning experiences are designed with that in mind. However, it is frequently considered by high school educators, (most […]

The Top Ten Ways to Fake an Authentic Classroom

The word authenticity is used frequently in today’s 21st century eduspeak with self-proclaimed gurus, ninjas, and experts. Thus, we must be careful as to whose advice we follow. Since I wrote a book on authentic learning experiences, I would certainly consider myself as an authenticity expert. However, for years, I wrongly thought I provided my […]

Authentic Learning: A Response to Comments and Winners Announced!

Thank you to those of you who entered the book giveaway. Barbara and Mike can expect their copies to arrive soon. For those of you that didn’t win or didn’t enter this time, stay tuned for another giveaway in the future or check out the book on Amazon! There were some fabulous comments relating to […]