5 Reasons Why Awareness Campaigns Aren’t Enough

In the last week, I been able to visit a few schools and have read a few articles highlighting projects that attempted to raise awareness about a particular social justice issue. While the teachers behind these projects designed them with good intentions, I offer that simply raising awareness isn’t enough. As you review projects of […]

Why we should do away with Back to School night

Last evening, I suffered through an hour and a half of a Back to School night for my 6th grade daughter. It is bad enough that the building is not air-conditioned and yesterday hit temps in the 90s, but the presentations were what made it almost unbearable. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been there and […]

An End of the Year Project that ALL Classrooms Should Commit to Implementing

The school year is winding down. Standardized testing season is over (unless you are finishing up your AP exams this week). Summer is upon us. Thus, it is the perfect time to implement an authentic learning experience, a project based learning unit, or a learner led challenge. Whatever you want to call it, makes no […]

The Importance of Learner and Educator Reflection

I talk a lot about the need for learners to reflect when involved in the process of, well, learning. Whether it is a more traditional assignment or a more extensive authentic learning experience, reflection is a tool for growth. A once and done approach only serves to penalize learners for, in my opinion, points in […]

Learners versus Students

I have recently made a very conscious decision in my use of words. I have chosen to no longer use the word “student” when referring to those that I have had the privilege to have in my classroom or to those that other educators have had the privilege of guiding. The decision was more or […]